Gerhard Marx (South Africa, 1976) constructs drawings, sculptures and performance projects through careful dissection and transformation of pre-existent conventions to explore the poetic-philosophical potential therein. His seventh solo exhibition Ecstatic Archive, was held at Goodman Gallery, Johannesburg, 2019 accompanied by the publication of a monograph of the same title. His performance project Vehicle, was staged at ‘The Centre For The Less Good Idea’ (Johannesburg, 2018) with musicians Shane Cooper and Kyle Shepherd and at the 2019 ‘Holland Festival’ (Amsterdam) with violinist Diamanda Dramm and bassist Shane Cooper.

Marx’s work was selected for the Venice Biennale 2013 and is shown at international Art Fairs, including Art Basel, Art Basel (New York), Frieze (London). He has completed several public sculpture commissions around Johannesburg including Vertical Aerial, Johannesburg (Constitutional Court), The Fire Walker, (collaboration with William Kentridge); and Paper Pigeon, (collaboration with Maja Marx). He has extensive experience in theatre as scenographer, director and filmmaker, including the operatic REwind: A Cantata for Voice, Tape and Testimony (directed by Marx, film by Gerhard Marx and Maja Marx, composed by Philip Miller), performed at the Royal Festival Hall, Southbank, London (2010), the Market Theatre, Johannesburg (2008) and the 62’Centre, William’s College, Massachusetts (2007).